SANJOG RIJAL - Full Stack Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer with Demonstrable experience in Software Engineering and Development and holding a Masters in Computer Applications degree alongside Diploma-PGDCA.


ELK Development


Project Management

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From online presence through Websites, making business process efficient, Integrating AI/ML to Creating Business through E-Commerce. Contact me if you want to have a bold presence in Cyberspace..

Website Development and DevOps

I provide website development services. Whether it's a personal website or business website, we will create something of value together. Contact me if you want your online presence to be bold.

Management Information Systems

I provide END-to-END MIS Application development service. I will start by gathering the requirements then analyzing and designing the system's UI/UX.

E-Commerce Site

Today's world is a world of Digitization. Digitize your business process by building your own E-Commerce Site at an affordable price.

Third Party Integrations

Get this scenario: You wish to integrate third party application such as payment gateway into your application but do not want to have a dedicated developers to help you with it. I will help you integrate payment gateway and make sure that it is well tested through Automated Testing techniques. Together we will bring your business online.

AI/ML Integrations

How about integrating a Language Model as a Chat Agent in your application? Together we can do this in efficient and optimized ways. Contact me to make your applications Intelligent.

Search Engines to Cybersecurity - ELK Stack

Do you want to setup a Search Engine into your application? How about making searching through your products faster through integration of ELK into your application. While we're at it, how about setting up Dashboards for Monitoring and Alerting.

Notifications and Email

Applications need to have ways of notifying users about activities and other events. How about we integrate notifications and email into your application.

Social Media Site Development & Others

I provide full stack development services to develop any type of Web Application that you require. I can provide services in the field of IT and Software Engineering that are not even listed here. Those are some cool stuff too! Contact me to know about them.

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